We are a graphic design studio based in London and Paris, founded by Sophie Demay and Maël Fournier-Comte, later joined by Jimmy Cintero. We work very closely, and in collaboration with institutions, artists, curators and festivals.

We understand graphic design as a collaborative practice that does not only communicate preexisting projects but supports their development through exchanges and conversations.

We create visual objects and identities that embrace ambiguity, explore narrative structures, and support active reading/viewing experiences.

We currently teach at the London College of Communication and at ENSAD, Paris. We have taught at the Royal College of Art, at Camberwell College of Arts and led workshops in various universities in the UK, France, Russia and Ireland. Our work has been featured in numerous publications, exhibitions and is part of the collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

We have produced some of the works displayed here with collaborators, assistants and/or interns: Thomas Baudouin, Claire Barrault, Pierre Boggio, Samuel Bonnet (SA*M*AEL), Nivine Chaikhoun, Clara Degay, Manon Diemer, Rémi Forte, Kevin Gotkovsky, Léa Guillon, Lola Halifa-Legrand, Erik Hartin, Annelous Konijnenberg, Célestin Krier, Sarah-Camille Malandain, Jérôme Rigaud, Mirjam Warg.